Plagiarism Check


Plagiarism : The editors will run plagiarism check  for the submitted manuscripts before sending to reviewers. We do not process any plagiarised contents. If a manuscript has over 30% of plagiarism based on the result of Grammarly check, we will send back the manuscript to the author to be revised for the plagiarised contents.

Language Standard: It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that manuscripts are written clearly. A manuscript can be rejected if the scientific meaning is unclear due to poor English. Manuscripts that do not meet language standard will be returned to the authors for rewrite.

Serial Submissions: We believe that while there is a need for rapid communication of important results, the information becomes fractured and less accessible when it is published in multiple installments. For this reason, we discourage authors from submitting manuscripts in a series of ongoing work. Also, serial submissions designed only to meet the length requirement of manuscripts are not suitable. If a manuscript is too long, we encourage authors to report their results in a full-length paper for submission to a journal that accepts full-length articles. The scientific community will be better served by a comprehensive paper than by several separate Articles.